About Us

Who we are

Mahira Engineering is a Khalifa Mohamed Al Attia Group company involved into providing Resource support services with an extensive expertise and specialization to cater the resource requirement of the following core industries in Qatar and Middle East Region.

  • Construction
  • Oil & Gas
  • Hospitality

Mahira Engineering & Our Group Companies is amongst the leading Resource Support Specialist companies in Qatar. Its track record spans and takes parts in many of the significant landmark projects built over the country, with a prominent presence across all sectors of civil, Oil & Gas and Hospitality.

Every accomplishment becomes a foundation for us to do better, to dream bigger, and create a better opportunities. Through every project and at every step, we aim to set new benchmarks and deliver sustained growth and optimum satisfaction to our Client.

Business Objective

Construction is a human resource intensive industry and "Mahira its human resources as its primary driving force". As such, Mahira maintains a cohesive team of professionals who have diligently ensured that projects were completed on schedule, within budget and according to required specifications, all by adhering to exacting safety and quality regimes.

We appreciate the volatility and business demands of the Engineering, Construction, Oil & Gas and Hospitality Industries regularly manage staffing flow in accordance to the industry demand.

Mahira Engineering delivers a high level of services, quality and reliability to our clients which lead to long lasting relationships. Our Management and Group companies have vast experience in Engineering and Contracting within demanding project requirements. Our overall philosophy has been to strive for excellence and become the primary provider of competitive, efficient and reliable solutions

Our management team are skilled professional who effectively combine their engineering and construction background with specialist recruitment skill.. In this way our esteemed clients are guaranteed a workforce of optimum size and cost with high productivity.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the leader in the field of resource support service with a sustainable and quality growth while adopting the key components of policies & strategies which is...

  • Strict Adherence to international quality and standards
  • Sustained Teamwork
  • Customer Focus
  • Professional excellence

Our Mission

We are fully committed to provide Professional Resource support services with a futuristic view of focusing new technologies and innovation to drive our business activities. Strict Adherence to international quality and standards, Sustained Teamwork, Customer Focus, Professional Excellence, these are the principle formulas we are applying in our every step to get maximum output. We ensure a continuous improvement in our professional support with a high level of Client retention in all our business activities.